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Patron Saint Medals

PATRON SAINT MEDALS. Patron Saints are those holy and virtuous men and women who are considered to be a defender of a specific group of people or of a nation. There is a patron for virtually every cause, profession or special interest.  

Causes include illness, life, love, miracles healing, money, strength, nurses, cancer, firefighters, music, musicians, singing, television, internet, computers, flying, firemen, attorneys, job seekers, employment, illness, art, mothers, animals, teeth and toothache, soldiers and the navy.

Many Patron Saints are referred to as Christian martyrs.  A martyr is one who is murdered or put to death for his Christian faith or convictions. Many Christian martyrs and Patron Saints suffered cruel and torturous deaths like stoning, crucifixion, and burning at the stake. The word 'martyr' comes from the Greek word translated "witness." Martyrdom is the result of religious persecution. The first known Christian martyr was Saint Stephen as recorded in the Acts 6:8–8:3, who was stoned to death for his faith.